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If your child is between 6 and 12 years old, then they will be losing their baby teeth. Baby teeth were important in helping your child speak, chew, and smile, but now they need to make way for the permanent teeth that will last a lifetime. Amid wiggling teeth and tooth fairies, here are a few things you should know about your child’s loose baby teeth.

How Do They Get Loose?

Baby teeth have lasted for several years, and you may wonder why they have started to get loose, and how. In a nutshell, baby teeth become loose because of the growth of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth not only push against the baby ones, but their development causes baby teeth roots to reabsorb, making them loose.

Will A Tooth Harm My Child If Accidently Swallowed?

When a baby tooth becomes loose, some parents may live in fear that their child will accidently swallow the tooth when it falls out. You do not need to worry. Your child will not choke on a baby tooth or come to any other harm if it is swallowed.

Should I Pull Out The Tooth?

It is generally recommended that you let your child fiddle with and pull their own loose tooth. This is the best option because they can feel if the tooth is loose enough to be pulled. If your child does ask you to pull a baby tooth, then test its looseness first. If you meet a lot of resistance when wiggling it back and forth, then wait a few more days before pulling it. The best way to pull a baby tooth is to grip it firmly with a tissue and then pull it with a quick twist.