Your child’s smile is extremely important. We are, unfortunately, judged by our appearance. Orthodontics can help the children develop the smile of their dreams.

Early orthodontics can be extremely beneficial in pediatric dentistry because  development of the oral cavity happens early in life. Orthodontics is the process of aligning the teeth and jaw bones into a healthy position. This is better accomplished at an early age. Dr. Barry Reder offers braces at Barry Reder D.D.S., F.A.A.P.D., F.A.O.S. to do any necessary correction.

We are proud to offer your child orthodontic services in Oceanside, California. Dr. Barry Reder D.D.S., F.A.A.P.D., F.A.O.S. has training in several philosophies of orthodontic case management, fixed as well as removable appliances. Early treatment allows us to work with your child’s growth rather than delay treatment where we must fight a negative growth pattern.

Cone beam computed tomography is utilized in attaining our diagnostic work up records and gives us an unparalleled insight into your child’s needs.



Study models are frequently done via 3-D printing thus eliminating the messy alginate impressions.