If your child is found to have dental decay at Barry Reder D.D.S., F.A.A.P.D., F.A.O.S., we will use a local anesthetic to prevent pain by blocking the nerves in the mouth. The most common name that comes to mind is Novacain. Many different methods of local anesthesia exist:  a gel, paste, spray, ointment, solution, or injection. We strive to make the process pain free.

Nitrous oxide gas is used to alleviate mild anxiety associated with a dental visit. It is no more potent than a glass of wine. Many children find that the relaxation provided by the nitrous oxide, allows them to have a successful dental visit. However, nitrous oxide does not control behavior. Some children, due to young age , severe anxiety, or special needs require stronger sedation.

Should your child need general anesthesia in Oceanside, California, to safely accomplish his or her dental restorations, we have a licensed anesthesiologist  come to our office. We understand that treatment can be frightening to some children – general anesthesia allows us to accomplish the dental restorations to our highest standards, safely, and with little to no psychological trauma to the patient.IMG_0033

For more information about nitrous oxide or general anesthesia, please contact our office and we would be happy to discuss it with you.